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No Gimmicks, Just Gear!


LOVE IT! - WestRim 9

I have purchased a few different day hammocks but none are comparable to this one. It's lightweight, packs down to the size of my hand, has soft fabric but super durable. My friends kids love lounging in it. I don't go anywhere without this set up. The set up is smooth, quick and non-frustrating. I highly recommend this hammock to anyone.. 



I picked up the Coyote in the summer and was able to take it out for an overnight.... This hammock is very roomy and comfortable. I found it much roomier than my Blackbird XLC, and very much comparable to my Chameleons... Kurt has a great set-up video on his site/YouTube. I like that the suspension is included, and the entire set up packs up nice, and is very backpacker-friendly. I think it’s awesome to support a local guy who makes an excellent product for a hobby I love.


Canvas Pouches

I had ordered two of the canvas pouches one in each color i love how they have the Orange canvas on the side to help see it really helps They are great Possible Pouch i can use them for my toiletries or even for my camera or fire kit right now i have my flod up stove in there with some fire starting stuff . I like them so much i just ordered another one. They are a great item for any pack or even the car . Thank you for a great product 

Joseph R

Hammock Pillow

Your head needs a nice spot to lay too! Our Hammock Pillows are stuffed with memory foam , so they pack down easy and give your head just enough support while sleeping!