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Feel free to reach out to us for any reason. Question about a product? Want a color or option not shown on a product page? Just want to say hi?

Currently, using the contact form or directly emailing is the best way to contact me. 

  • My business number (listed below) has not been as reliable as I would like, I do eventually get notifications of voicemails and texts but it sometimes takes a day sometimes more. Feel free to use it, just be aware there will most likely be a delay. I am looking in to it.
  • My website host Shopify, is dropping support of Apple Business Chat, since I do not own an Apple device I was relying on their app for this service. It was already hit or miss on whether I would get or could see a message this way, probably why they dropped support. 


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Hemlock Mountain Outdoors
305 River St
Olyphant PA, 18447
Call (see above)
(570) 216-8047

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