Ulrect Tarps

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Made to Order: All fabrics and components are ordered for tarps as they are ordered.  Check here for current lead times.

---------- Limited Time Offer ----------

We are just launching our Ulrect Tarps, which is good news for you!. For a limited time we are offering discounted pricing. Why? Well, it takes time to get a process for new materials down, so it's a learning process here at Hemlock Mountain Outdoors. That means there may be some differences in build techniques. Pilot programs like this allow for tweaking of the build process on our end, and give you a break on the price as a thank you!

Currently only the grey is available.


Ulrect Tarps are our UltraLight Rectangle style tarps offering maximum coverage with minimal weight. Made with Dyneema® Composite Fabric (DCF) which is waterproof, lightweight and super strong (15x stronger than steel) and is the perfect material for ultralight tarps. They are available in 10, 11 and 12 foot lengths.

Like our SilPoly '09 Tarps, they come with 12 tie out points for multiple setup options, including door-mode, an included stuff sack and cordage options. Rectangle cut for maximum coverage. Can be used over hammock or for ground shelter.

We utilize both stitching and adhesive taping when making Ulrect Tarps. The stitching adds long term strength and a little structure to the ridge of the tarp while the adhesive tape both bonds the two panels together and seam seals the ridge.


Cordage Options

Continuous Ridgeline tarps come with 3/4" Beastie D Rings at all 12 tieout points, separate 25' ridgeline with prusik knot attachments, movable shock cord mounted hooks and four 6' guyout lines. 

Fixed Ridgeline tarps come with 10' of cordage pre attached at both ends of the ridgeline with adjustable LineLocs,  7' guyout lines at 4 corners pre-attached with LineLocs with the remaining 6 tie outs coming with no cordage and 3/4" Beastie D Rings.

No Ridgeline tarps come with no cordage and all 12 tie out points have 3/4" Beastie D Rings.


  • Material: 0.51oz Dyneema® Composite Fiber
  • Dimensions (opened): 
    • 10'x8.5'
    • 11'x8.5'
    • 12'x8.5'
  • Weight: 9.9oz (12' model with stuff sack)






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