DCF Gear

Hemlock Mountain Outdoors prides itself on offering an exclusive range of custom Dyneema Composite Fabric (DCF) products that cater to the distinct needs and preferences of outdoor enthusiasts. Renowned for its exceptional durability and lightweight properties, DCF gear is meticulously crafted as custom-ordered items, ensuring that adventurers receive tailored solutions that align perfectly with their expedition requirements. At Hemlock Mountain Outdoors, the emphasis on customization allows customers to explore a diverse array of DCF gear, including specialized tarps and pouches designed to withstand the rigors of varied outdoor terrains.

Among the extensive repertoire of custom DCF offerings, Hemlock Mountain Outdoors extends beyond conventional options. The product line includes not only DCF tarps and pouches but also an assortment of innovative items such as ground sheets, bishop bags, and food bags. These additions showcase the brand's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for outdoor excursions, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of adventurers seeking reliable and personalized equipment. Customers keen on exploring unique DCF gear configurations can conveniently submit their specific requirements through the Custom Work Form,  enabling them to articulate their preferences and requisites for personalized DCF products. This seamless process ensures that each custom order is meticulously crafted to meet the discerning standards and specialized needs of outdoor enthusiasts, solidifying Hemlock Mountain Outdoors' position as a go-to destination for premium, tailor-made DCF gear.

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Custom DCF ground sheet and a Bushcraft Hammock Chair

Custom DCF Ground Sheet shown with Bushcraft Hammock Chair


DCF Pouches

DCF Pouches


Custom DCF Bishop Bag

Custom DCF Bishop Bag


DCF Ulrect Tarp shown in "porch mode"

DCF Ulrect Tarp shown in "Porch Mode"


DCF Ulrect Tarp shown with "doors" closed

DCF Ulrect Tarp shown with "doors" closed.