Thank You! Now Let's Get Ready for 2024!

Thank You! Now Let's Get Ready for 2024!

Thanks for checking out Hemlock Mountain Outdoors, I'm Kurt and thank you that is what this video is about. Since I started Hemlock Mountain Outdoors my goal has simply been every year to do better than the last and even through the pandemic up until 2022 I was able to do that.

And coming into 2023 I just decided my goal was to just continue if I did better if I did worse I just wanted to to continue doing and I've done better this year than last.

That is all thanks to you those of you who buy products, who support, who help spread the word, repeat customers, people with ideas, people who just have opinions about what I do with Hemlock Mountain Outdoors and I appreciate every single one of you.

It's easy to lose track of that with everything that goes on in the world and when you're running a business... it's hectic and there's a lot of work and it's easy to to forget that, yes I make these hammocks but I make hammocks and quilts and all stuff I make it for you and I truly appreciate your support as we're heading into the end of 2023 and into the new year.

It's usually when I start looking back at what I've done for the year and and where I'm going for next year so looking at 2024 the goal of doing better is is always good but, I think it's time for the goal to be to explode - to really really grow and I'm working on avenues to do that. I've got a lot of the leg work done and it all comes now down to just finalizing financing and getting all that stuff done. That's not a a fun part of business, having to go through all that but it's it's what I'm doing right now.

So hopefully 2024 we see some big changes and all that is possible by all of you who buy and support and and help. I really do appreciate it.

Enjoy your holidays, whichever you choose to celebrate. Be safe be, happy and let's see what 2024 has in store for everybody. Hopefully things are looking up.

Kurt Zitzelman
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