Current Lead Times

Current Lead Time:

I am currently experiencing longer than expected lead times due to the amount of orders I currently have. I am working on a business expansion as well to help cut down on lead times. Thank you in advance for your patience.

 3-6 weeks (estimated) - Hammocks, Quilts, Tarps, Nets I know, I know... I'm not happy about that either but current delivery times are delayed for materials due to heavy demand and slower shipping times. Current actual times are 3-4 weeks, depending on amount of orders. On average it is taking 1-2 weeks to get materials to the shop.

1-2 Business Days - Tree Straps, Tree Huggers, Cinch Buckle Suspensions, PackHangers, DragonSnares, Canvas, Nylon and Cotton Pouches, Continuous Loops, Hammock Pillows Materials for these items are in stock at the shop and can be shipped almost immediately.

UL Pouches made with Dyneema® lead times may vary, depending on stock of seam tape.

Whoopie Slings may take 3-4 weeks depending on stock of Amsteel®

T-Shirts and Merch are fulfilled by a third party and typically ship with in 1 week.

Made to order. What does that mean exactly?

When you order any of our handcrafted gear, the fabrics and components are ordered specifically for your purchase. Once they are delivered to us, your gear is made and then shipped to you.

Lead times are based on the amount of orders we have coming in, and shipping times from our supplier. I try to keep a close eye on fabric availability from my supplier, if for some reason a fabric or component you ordered is out of stock with our supplier we will notify you immediately. Refer back on this page for our current lead times.

 Any questions or need your product on a specific date? Contact us and we'll see if we can accommodate you.

(Updated: 9/24/2021)