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Hemlock Mountain Outdoors

RedTail Hammock

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are in stock for these hammocks they are made as the orders are received. 

RedTail Hammock, the perfect way to get a handcrafted quality camping hammock without breaking the bank... and now with some new options for 2022!

New Bug Net Options

The new for 2022 RedTail now has end caps (like the larger CoyotePack), this allows for 3 bug net options.

→Zip Around: This style has 2 zipper pulls and can be unzipped all the way back to one end and tucked away in the end cap. This gives a nice open air view when the bug net is not needed.

→Dual Zip: The classic RedTail bug net. Both sides are independent of each other and when unzipped stow away on the ridgeline with shock cord loops. This allows for easy access on either side of the hammock for adjusting under quilts or just grabbing a snack.

→Netless: Ditch the net, end caps and ridgeline all together. Perfect if you camp in bug free environments or you are just looking for a day hammock. Has 3/4 position pouch instead of ridgeline organizer.

About those end caps, stuff sacks & pockets

Choose your body color and end cap colors on the netted version or body color and pocket color on the netless version. The stuff sack will match the end caps or pocket color. Mix or match, make it the way you want.

Fabric change for 2022

The RedTail is now made with 70D ripstop nylon and this fabric is in stock. This means there is no wait time for the material, making the lead time a lot less.

    • 10'x58"
    • Ridgeline with organizer pouch (netted versions)
    • 3/4 position pocket (netless version)
    • Cinch Buckle Suspension
    • 4 tie out points.
    • Made from 70D Ripstop nylon
    • 300lbs Weight Limit

 Is that price for real?

Yes! I purchased rolls and rolls of fabric for the new RedTail at a great price, this is how I can knock the price down so low and have the materials in stock... but (there's always a but, right?) once these colors sell out, they are gone, at least at this price and this fabric option. When that happens, the price will go back up and the fabric choice will change. So, order yours while they are available at this price.


Custom requests go through our Custom Work Page (click here)  


Size: 10'x58"

Weight:  ~1.2lbs Hammock only

               ~1.5lbs Hammock w/ Tree straps

Weight Limit: 300lbs