From time to time we run promotions or offer discount codes. We will list them here when they are available. At no time will we have codes listed on sites like RetailMeNot. If you have found codes on any sites like that, they are bogus and will not work, unless listed here.

Current Discounts

Camping Bundle

    • Buy 2 or more of the following, in any combination, and get 10% off the price of each. For example: Buy a CoyotePack and a UglyQuilt together and get 10% off.
      • CoyotePack
      • CoyotePack X
      • CoyotePack Double
      • RedTail
      • RedTail M
      • WestRim 9
      • WestRim 11
      • WestRim X
      • WestRim Overlook
      • '09 SilPoly Tarp (any size)
      • SilPoly Asym Tarp (any size)
      • UglyQuilt - Top 30 or 50
      • UglyQuilt - Under (any size or temp rating)
    • No limit on how many orders are placed.
    • No expiration.
    • Applied automatically at check out, no code to enter.
    • PLEASE NOTEUlrect Tarps and custom hammocks or quilts do not qualify for discount.
    • Other discounts may limit items available for bundle.