Rediscovering the Camping Bundle and Unveiling the Origins of the Coyote

Rediscovering the Camping Bundle and Unveiling the Origins of the Coyote

Greetings, fellow outdoor enthusiasts! Kurt here from Hemlock Mountain Outdoors, and I'm thrilled to delve into something exciting today - our Camping Bundle. So, what exactly is this bundle that I'm eager to share with you? Well, let's dive right into the details.

Our camping bundle is a fantastic 10% discount automatically applied to any order that includes at least two items from our selection of hammocks, tarps, and quilts. The beauty lies in its simplicity - whether you choose a hammock and a tarp, two quilts, or any combination from these three groups, you'll receive a 10% discount on your entire order. No codes needed; it's all about effortless savings for our camping aficionados.

Now, I must address a recent glitch that some of you may have encountered. If you visited our website following our email announcement and noticed the 10% discount was only applying to one item, I sincerely apologize for the confusion. Rest assured, I've been working diligently to rectify this issue. The discount should now visibly appear in your cart when you add a second eligible item. If by chance it doesn't, please reach out to me, and I'll personally ensure you receive the correct discount or provide a code to make it right for you.

This camping bundle isn't entirely new; it's making a comeback after a hiatus. Years ago, I offered this automatic discount but had to discontinue it due to certain supply chain challenges. However, recent changes in supplier dynamics prompted me to revisit this offering. Remembering the roots and original essence of our products, especially the Coyote, stirred up nostalgic thoughts and led me to reinstate this beneficial bundle.

Speaking of the Coyote, let's take a moment to journey back in time and explore its origins. The Coyote was initially conceived as part of a modular system - the Coyote system. It included hammock bodies, cocoon bug nets, and tarps. These components, available in different sizes and configurations, formed the basis of what became the Coyote hammock. I still have the original prototype, a tangible piece of Hemlock Mountain's history, which underwent numerous trials and adventures.

As time progressed, I realized the system, while excellent for car camping, needed modifications for backpacking due to weight considerations and setup complexities. The evolution led to the birth of newer versions, like the RedTail, eventually culminating in the current 11 to 12-foot wide Coyote hammocks.

Moreover, let's not forget the original companion to the Coyote system - the CoyotePack. This backpack, formed an integral part of our early offerings, although the nomenclature has since evolved.

In tandem with the Coyote's evolution, the camping bundle concept began, initially offering discounts for combinations like hammock-tarp sets, gradually expanding to include quilts as our product line diversified.

I invite you to explore the camping bundle on our website, seamlessly offering discounts to enhance your outdoor gear collection. And if you're interested in the fascinating journey of our Coyote hammock's evolution, I hope this brief trip down memory lane brought a smile to your face.

Thank you for joining me today! Stay tuned for more adventures and updates from Hemlock Mountain Outdoors.

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