MultiMode Bug Nets

MultiMode Bug Nets

Starting today - 11/12/22 both RedTail and CoyotePack Hammocks will get the new MultiMode bug nets. The above video shows and in-shop demonstration of the new setup, but basically here's what it is:

1 bug net setup that combines the ZipAround style from the CoyotePack with the DualZip style from the RedTail. Giving you both the easy access to either side of the hammock when zipped close for things like quilt adjustment or grabbing a snack and allowing you to stow the bug net either on the ridgeline (RedTail style) or tucked away in the end cap (CoyotePack Style).

For the CoyotePack: Nothing will change on the product page other than the listing of MultiMode bug nets. 

For the RedTail: I've removed the option for ZipAround or DualZip since the MultiMode gives you both and replaced it with just Length, body color and end cap color options.


What if I already placed an order?

If your order is still open and unfulfilled you are getting the new updated bug net automatically and you should have received and email letting you know. Otherwise your hammock is already shipped out the way you ordered it. 

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