Suspensions - Made to Order

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Made to Order: All fabrics and components are ordered for these hammocks as they are ordered.  Check here for current lead times.

We offer two styles of suspensions, Whoopie Slings and SlingStraps.

  • Whoopie Slings are made from your choice of 7/64 or 1/8 Amsteel® and are perfect if you are using your own tree straps. If you are ordering a hammock as well, we can attach them to the gathered end of the hammock for you. Just comment at check out or contact with your Order Number.
  • SlingStraps  are whoopie slings pre-attached to a set of 5 foot tree straps and easily connect to our standard hammock set up with the carabiners that are included with each hammock. Simply wrap the SlingStrap around a tree, feed it through the loop in the strap and clip in the carabiners!