1106 Tarp - Seamless

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Made to Order: All fabrics and components are ordered for tarps and flys as they are ordered.  Check here for current lead times.


Meet the brand new 1106 Tarp! Made from a single piece of 1.0 oz SilPoly so there is no seam, which means no seam seal, which means NO LEAKS! It replaces the 1109 Fly as our small tarp option and can be set up as a rectangle tarp or an asymmetrical tarp regardless of whether you lay to the left or right. It comes in 3 configurations:

  • Tarp Only - 11' x 6', 1.0oz SilPoly, 8 tie out points with D-Rings, no cordage
  • Standard Cord -  includes separate 25' ridgeline, shock mounts for connecting to ridgeline and 4 pcs of tie out cordage.
  • GlowCord - All cordage is upgraded to Samson GlowCord.

This rain tarp is perfect for lighter packs, light rain and shade from the summer sun!


Size: 11' by 6'

Layout: Rectangle or Asym (corner to corner)

Tie Out Points: 8 - D-Rings (4 Corners, 4 Center Edges)

Weight: Approx 15oz with cordage.