Seamless Asym Tarp - SilPoly

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are purchased for these hammocks as orders are received. 

Our Seamless Asym Tarp! Made from a single piece of 1.1oz SilPoly so there is no seam, which means no seam seal! It can be set up as a rectangle tarp or an asymmetrical tarp regardless of whether you lay to the left or right. Available in 3 cordage options and 2 sizes. This rain tarp is perfect for lighter packs, light rain and shade from the summer sun!

  • None - 1.1oz SilPoly Tarp, 8 tie out points with D-Rings, no cordage
  • Standard Cord -  includes separate 25' ridgeline, shock mounts for connecting to ridgeline and 4 pcs of tie out cordage.
  • GlowCord - All cordage is upgraded to Samson GlowCord.

Please take note: In asym layout (corner to corner) the length will be longer as follows:

  • The 10' tarp is approximately 11'9" corner to corner.
  • The 11' tarp is approximately 12'6" corner to corner.

Size: 10'x6'11'x6'

Layout: Rectangle or Asym (corner to corner)

Tie Out Points: 8 - D-Rings (4 Corners, 4 Center Edges)

Weight: Approx 15oz with cordage.


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