RedTail Hammock - Our Newest Camping Hammock

RedTail Hammock - Our Newest Camping Hammock

Spend more time relaxing in our new RedTail Hammock (Click Here to Viewdesigned to be smaller, lighter and easier to use with backpacking in mind. At just 10 feet long by 58 inches wide, the RedTail can set up between closer trees or smaller shelters. The dual zippers allow for easier adjusting of under quilts or grabbing gear from under the hammock. The net stows away on the ridgeline to make deploying it simple from inside the hammock. The slotted stuff sack and cinch buckle suspension (both included) make setup a breeze.

All for just $95.00! Yeah, a full handcrafted camping hammock with suspension and retractable net for less than $100! You can add attached Whoopie Slings with treep straps for an additional $10.

Check out the video below to see it in action at the HMO shop.


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