Bushcraft Hammock Chair

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are purchased for these hammocks as orders are received. 

Always have a place to sit with the Bushcraft Hammock Chair. Lightweight, minimal design can fit in even the most packed ruck sacks, or even in you pocket.

  • → Two fabrics to choose from: Made with either 1.6oz HyperD Nylon for the lightest most packable option, or 2.2oz Hex70 for a more rugged seat.
  • → Compact size: Measures just 48x25 inches.
  • → Multiple configurations: Hang from trees like a normal hammock to make a small bench type seat. Hang the "head" end higher to make more of a chair. Or make a tripod from downed trees or branches to make a chair. 
  • → Includes paracord: You also get a 5 foot piece of 550 paracord to help get you started.
  • → Easy to notice channels: The wider bottom channel (end meant to be the seat) is stitched with high contrast thread to easily pick out which end is which.
  • → Optional Cinch Buckle Suspension: If you are planning on using the chair mostly with trees you can add a cinch buckle suspension. It comes with 2 cinch buckles pre-attached to 8 inch continuous loops and two 12.5 foot tree straps. 

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