What exactly is an UglyQuilt?

Our UglyQuilts are a way to get insulation for your hammock without spending a fortune. Made with synthetic insulation, ClimaShield Apex, instead of down to help keep costs lower... also synthetic insulation is much more resilient in wet and rainy conditions. The trade off is in the weight and packablilty, down compresses more and is lighter than synthetic insulation.

We are currently running a Pilot Program... this program is set up as a way to test the waters for our lower cost, synthetic insulation under quilts. What do you get? A brand new, hand crafted under quilt at a very low price and your chance to have your voice heard on the direction these quilts go. 

The quilt will come in 2 sizes 3/4 Length($85) and Full Length($95), whichever better fits your needs.

  • Materials ordered when your order is placed, made when they arrive.
  • 3/4 Length is approx. 40" long, Full Length approx. 70" long
  • 40 to 50 degree temp rating by insulation specs.
  • Shell and liner made from 1.6oz HyperD nylon
  • Single cinch cord/suspension
  • Designed to be simple, but rugged.

I've been testing my own quilts for a couple years, but what I like in a quilt might not be what everyone (or anyone else) likes. This pilot program is a way for me to get quilts out to you and get your feedback. You get a great deal on a quilt and I get invaluable feedback. It also helps me with some of the R&D costs in launching a product like this. You can think of it as a mini crowdfunding project almost, but with more immediate returns for you.

The prices stated above will only last while the Pilot Program is running, once over the prices will go up.

If you are interested in participating in the Pilot Program contact Kurt at