Planting Trees with Every Purchase

It would be hard to hang a hammock without trees, actually it would be hard to do anything without trees. Forests don't just give us a place to camp, they scrub carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen. They provide shelter for wildlife, their roots stabilize soil and help prevent erosion. They help purify water and maintain air temperature. We get medicine, food and supplies from trees. Yeah, they're pretty important.

Thank Your Trees

On the back of the stuff sack labels, I have "Thank Your Trees" printed, it's not just because they held you up off the ground and didn't drop a branch on your head. We owe a lot to trees, and as the "intelligent life" on the planet, we should take better care of them.

That's why I've partnered with Ecologi ( to help keep our forests alive and well. Ecologi runs environmental projects to plant trees and reduce carbon footprints. Best of all, there's nothing extra that you need to help.

For every piece of gear sold at Hemlock Mountain Outdoors, a small amount, $0.15 to be exact goes to Ecologi. Why $0.15? Well, that's how much it costs to plant a tree. There's no buttons to click, no codes to enter, it just happens on the backside of the order process. You're fighting for the environment and you didn't even know it... Don't you feel good now?

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