A message about COVID-19

Health and safety is always of upmost importance, even more so as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic. Hemlock Mountain Outdoors will remain "open" as long as possible, and by open I mean receiving orders. As all hammocks, tarps, quilts, suspensions, accessories, pouches and paracord gear are made by me personally in my home-based shop there is no business location to shut down. As long as I remain healthy and I can receive materials for orders, things will go on as normally as possible.

With that being said, delays should be expected as deliveries of essential goods will (and should) take priority over other items by USPS, FedEX, UPS etc. As far as the builds go, they will go as normal. 

Please, be safe and stay healthy and remember that even though we are experiencing some very tough times - stay kind. When shopping for food or supplies, give the store employees a break and a smile, they're working very hard in a tough situation and usually for not much pay. Help others when you can, and use this time to remember the important things in life.

Thank you, all of you, for being you,


Kurt Zitzelman

Owner, Hemlock Mountain Outdoors