August 2022 Update

August 2022 Update

Surprise! I'm moving shop! This wasn't supposed to happen so quickly but when things line up right you just have to go for it. My original house/shop has been ignored by the landlord and some of the issues with that, nearly 100 year old, house badly needed to be addressed and they weren't. With winter on the way and that house heated with oil, I couldn't keep throwing money into the oil tank just so the heat could leak out of the rapidly deteriorating structure. There are a couple other issues with the way that property is laid out regarding privacy and security that also factored in to the move as well. This move will be better for me both efficiency-wise and my personal sanity.

Sorry for the inconvenience if you are waiting on an order. If you need your order by a certain date please send me a message here:

I should have the shop back up and running full steam in a week or so, but I can push out work at a slower pace as I'm moving. I'll update again once the move is complete.


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