2022 Changes at Hemlock Mountain Outdoors

2022 Changes at Hemlock Mountain Outdoors

Heading in to the end of February 2022 and I wanted to post an update on what's been going on here at Hemlock Mountain Outdoors. Let's start with... 2021 ended like a nightmare roller coaster. There were a lot of supply chain issues, communication issues (my email got spam bombed for about 6 weeks), and some financing took way longer to go through than I thought, like 9 months longer. But, all of that is now rectified and things are back to normal.

I would like to thank all of you who were patient with the extremely slow pace I was getting orders out. To those who chose to cancel your orders, I understand and I apologize for any inconveniences.

That whole ordeal taught me a lot and I've made some changes because of it.

Changes for 2022

The biggest change is I switched where I get my hammock and tarp fabrics. I'm very excited to announce I'm now using fabrics from Dutchware Gear (https://dutchweargear.com

Dutchwear Gear is based in south eastern Pennsylvania, only about 2 1/2 hours south of where I am located. This will greatly reduce material times going forward which will decrease my lead times. This also changes a few things for the product line, like:

No more "X" series hammocks. Well, at least for now. The WestRim X and CoyotePack X will be unavailable for now, maybe for good, and here's why. Hexon 1.6 Nylon and Hexon Wide Nylon have a higher weight rating,  350lbs to be exact. The Series had a 400lb limit and the 50lb difference wasn't enough to keep it around - but, the CoyotePack Double Layer is still available which has a 500lb limit.

New Colors Available. Some of the available colors for Hexon and Xenon Silpoly are new and the color options across the board between the fabrics are more consistent.

Other 2022 Changes

  • I've simplified the products currently available. The RedTail Series hammocks, Dyneema® products and some accesories are not listed right now. 
  • Basic Camping Hammock is discontinued, but a replacement based more on the CoyotePack is on the way, just waiting on materials.
  • I've lined up some of my own suppliers for a lot of components I use to get more control of the logistics of it all and help keep down costs.
  • CoyotePack and WestRim hammocks all have Wide and Single Width options now.  

I am sure there's something I'm forgetting and I'll post again if I think of anything. Thanks for taking the time to read. Stay safe!



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