WestRim Overlook

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Made to Order: All fabrics and components are ordered for these hammocks as they are ordered. Check here for current lead times.

You have probably seen the Big Name hammocks in your local sporting goods store, right? 9 feet long, double wide and run about $70. Sound familiar? What you might not realize is those hammocks don't come with tree straps or any kind of suspension (their basic tree straps start around $30!! And you can't hang with it.)

Now, meet the WestRim Overlook. Based on the WestRim 9 the Overlook is made with wider fabric... how wide? At the widest point the WestRim Overlook is ~72" wide! And that's 72" of a solid piece of fabric... no panels means no additional seams!

Here's the best part, all of our hammocks come with a cinch buckle suspension INCLUDED!  Already have a suspension? You can opt to get just carabiners at no additional cost or upgrade the suspension to attached Whoopie Slings for just $10.

You can also add a ridgeline for $10. With the ridgeline there is no pocket sewn on to the hammock and you get a 12x9 inch ridgeline organizer instead.

All of that plus you get a handcrafted in the U.S.A. hammock that is made just for you... not for whoever!


  • Dimensions: 9'x6'
  • Material: 1.6oz HypderD XL Ripstop Nylon 
  • Weight Rating: 300lbs
  • Suspension: Included
  • Weight:  Approx 13.0oz
  • Colors:  Black, Burnt Orange, Charcoal Gray, Coyote Brown, Dark Olive, Moroccan Blue 


Video is for the WestRim 9, setup is the same just the fabric is wider.