WestRim Custom 9 - Olive Yellow - Ready To Ship

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Ready to Ship - No need to wait, this WestRim Custom 9 is in stock and ready to go! As is, no customizations for this item.

Wait... A custom hammock that's ready to ship? This hammock was ordered and then the customer changed their mind about the style hammock. The materials were already ordered so, here it is.

Here's what makes it custom:

  • 1.7oz MTN XL Hybrid in Olive Yellow (approximately 400lb limit)
  • Upgraded to SlingStraps suspension

Weight: 13.7oz (hammock and carabiners)

               17.9oz (including SlingStraps)

Length: 9 feet

Width: 66 inches

Fabric: 1.7oz MTN Hybrid Ripstop Nylon (approx 400lb limit)