UglyQuilt - Under Quilt 50 XL

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are purchased for these hammocks as orders are received. 

 XL UglyQuilts are 80" long instead of the standard 70".

Ahh those summer nights in a hammock! You don't need a lot of insulation in the warmer months, but it is nice to have a little something but, you also want to have some money left over for little things like - food, right? That's the thought process I used when designing the UglyQuilt - Under Quilt 50.

Made with synthetic 2.5oz ClimaShield Apex© insulation with it's great cost/warmth ratio, a simple suspension and high quality 1.6oz HyperD nylon to create high quality quilts at a very reasonable price.

    • - New size - XL (80")
    • - Shell and liner made from 1.6oz HyperD nylon
    • - Single cinch cord/suspension
    • - Designed to be simple, but rugged.

Lengths - 


XL (80")

Weight - Approx. 1.0lbs to 1.5lbs  depending on length.. 


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