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Hemlock Mountain Outdoors

CoyotePack Double Layer

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are purchased for these hammocks as orders are received. 

The CoyotePack Double is a double layered hammock that includes an opening between layers to insert a sleeping pad. Includes all other features of the standard CoyotePack hammock.

  • → 11' Hammock made from 2 layers of Hexon 1.6 Wide nylon. (approx. 500lb weight limit)
  •  Attached bug net with 2 double pull zippers.
  •  Suspension:
    • > Standard Strap and Cinch Buckle suspension included
    • > Opt for just carabiners if you have your own suspension
    • > Or upgrade to whoopie slings and tree straps for $10 more.
  •  Upgraded to 1/8" Amsteel
  • → Removable fixed-length ridgeline with organizer.
  •  Slotted stuff sack.
  •  4 Tie Out Points

New for 2022:

  • → Now made with Hexon 1.6 Wide nylon


Custom requests go through our Custom Work Page (click here)  

Additional Info
  • - The attached bug net is made from Noseeum Mesh and includes double zipper pulls. The net can be unzipped 99% of the way to the head end of the hammock and stowed away in the peak with the shock cord loop. The net does not detach completely from the hammock.
  • - The standard strap and cinch buckle suspension comes with its own stuff sack and is not meant to pack in the same stuff sack as the hammock.
  • - For the same price you can opt to get only carabiners instead of the strap and cinch buckle set up, this is good if you already have a suspension you prefer to use.
  • -If you upgrade to the whoopie slings and tree strap suspension, the whoopie slings will come pre-attached to the hammock and is meant to fit in the stuff sack with the hammock and tree straps.
  • Length: 11'
  • Width: ~71" at the widest point
  • Weight: Approx. 2.7lbs (with Whoopie Slings, Straps and 2x carabiners)
  • Weight Limit500lbs