Accessory Bundle

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Each Accessory Bundle comes with:

  • 2 DragonSnares 
  • 1 PackHanger 2 
  • 1 EdgeZip Canvas Pouch or 1 MidZip Canvas Pouch

Color of each varies depending on available stock. If you have a preference please note it in your order comments and we'll try to accommodate.


MidZip Canvas Pouch is made from 8.85oz Duck Canvas measures 9x6 inches, has a nice orange canvas liner to make finding items a little easier, has a reinforced seam and weighs in at ~2.6oz!

EdgeZip Canvas Pouch is made from 8.85oz Duck Canvas with double layer construction, reinforced seam and bright orange liner. Measures in at 8x5 inches and weighs only ~1.7oz.

The Hemlock Mountain Outdoors logo is hand-stamped making each pouch unique... because it's hard getting those things exactly the same every time!

PackHanger 2

The PackHanger 2 builds on the original with a little multi-purpose boost! Not only can the PackHanger 2 masterfully, and quickly hang your backpack from a tree with ease, it can also be used as a belt (simple right?) and more importantly it can be used as an emergency tree strap

No need for knots or searching for a branch, just wrap the Pack Hanger 2 around any tree, up to approximately 16 inches in diameter and click the buckle together. The Pack Hanger 2 has a built-in loop for a carabiner or hook of your choice (not included)

The PackHanger 2 uses the same webbing as our tree straps as well as the same box stitch method! This makes it perfectly suitable for holding your backpack, even if you have it stuffed to the brim. It also gives it the strength to hold an end of your hammock if you find yourself short a tree strap. Run it through the larger loop and wrap it around the tree and either use it with a cinch buckle or connect a carabiner to the small loop at the end. IMPORTANT: Do NOT use the plastic buckles if using the PackHanger 2 as an emergency tree strap, the plastic buckles are not designed to bare weight.


Hike hands-free! Carrying a water bottle when your hiking or backpacking can be cumbersome. You can't always reach the side pouches of your pack and you need your hands free more than you think! Our DragonSnares are the perfect solution, just clip the included mini carabiner to a pack strap, D-ring or even a belt loop, slip the open end of the DragonSnare over the top of your bottle and pull it tight. Gravity does the rest for you!

Made with 1.75mm Zing-It/Lash-It they weigh just 3g each and can carry water bottles as big as a 32oz Nalgene! 

No toggles to release, no knots to tie.