'09 Tarps - Nylon PU

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are purchased for these hammocks as orders are received. 

Sometimes you just need some protection from the elements.

The '09 Tarp Series is our large rectangular style tarp made to hang as a standard "A-Frame" style tarp or use additional cordage to create doors with the corners, you can even go to ground with this tarp. Perfect for rough weather! 

These Nylon PU tarps are made from a 1.9oz PU (polyurethane) coated ripstop nylon opposed to the silpoly version which is made from a 1.1oz silicone coated fabric.

12 Tie Out Points included

Cordage Options

  • None - Tarp, 12 tie out points with D-Rings, no Cordage.
  • Continuous - Most configuration options. Includes separate 25' ridgeline and tie out cordage for 4 corners. Adds $10 to tarp price.
  • Fixed - Easiest Setup. 10' of cordage pre attached at both ends of the ridgeline with adjustable LineLocs,  7' guyout lines at 4 corners pre-attached with LineLocs with the remaining 6 tie outs coming with no cordage and 3/4" Beastie D Rings. Adds $10 to tarp Price.

 3 Sizes

  • 1009 - 10' x 9' laid flat
  • 1109 - 11" x 9' laid flat
  • 1209 - 12' x 9' laid flat

Don't see a color you like? Contact us we only list the most ordered colors, others may be avaiable.


Dimensions: 10'x9', 11'x9', 12'x9'

Weight: 2.21lbs (34.4oz) for 12 foot version

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