Ready Made: Custom Netted Hammock Black/Blue

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This custom netted hammock is based off of our CoyotePack Hammock but with a few modifications.

      • → Pleated Mesh: The bug net has pleats at the corners to help keep strain off the mesh due to the 9' length..
      • → 58" Single Wide Width: Hammock body is made with standard width 1.6oz HyperD nylon and is "single wide (58 inches)" and 9 feet long.
      • → Half-Zip Bug Net: The bug net opens up on one side, from ridgeline to ridgeline, allowing you to flip it back out of your way.
      • → Blue End Caps and Blue/Black Stuff Sack: The hammock body is Black but the end caps are Blue. The stuff sack is Blue and Black
      • → Cinch Buckle Suspension Included: Like all of our hammocks, a suspension is included.

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Size: 108x58 inches (9' x 4'10")

Packed Size: 11x4x4 inches

Weight: Hammock 15.4oz, Tree Straps 7.0oz

Weight Limit: 400lbs

Material: 1.6oz HyperD nylon

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