Basic Camping Bundle

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Made to order - all fabrics and components are purchased for these hammocks as orders are received. 


Everything you need to start hammock camping and save 20% over buying separately!

    •  Basic Camping Hammock - 11 foot, netted hammock with cinch buckle suspension, tie outs included. Learn More
    • → Seamless Asym Tarp Silpoly - 11 foot seamless silpoly tarp, with included cordage. Learn More
    • → Basic Quilt Set - One 50° Top Quilt and one 50° Under Quilt, sames as UglyQuilts but with 1.9oz Ripstop Nylon shell and lining.
    • → Options - Mix and match between 3 hammock colors, 3 tarp colors and 2 quilt colors. 
Hammock Specs
    • → 11 Feet Long - No "shorty" hammock here! This hammock is 11 feet long and 58 inches wide allowing for a comfortable diagonal lay.
    • → Bug Free - Relax an don't worry about the skeeters! Single side entry with double zipper pulls and Noseeum bug mesh keeps the bugs out of your face. The net is connected to a shock cord that is attached to the hammock, no additional setup steps required.
    • → Super Tough Fabric - 1.9oz Ripstop Nylon (70D) is rated up to 350lbs and has high abrasion resistance!
    • → Suspension Included - No need to worry about purchasing a separate suspension. Like all of our hammocks a Cinch Buckle Suspension with two 12 foot tree traps is included.
    • → Made in the U.S.A. - Handcrafted in northeastern Pennsylvania just for you! Not mass produced... wherever. 
    • → Storage Inside - Sewn in storage pocket inside let's you keep your belongings nearby.
    • → Stuff Sack - The slotted stuff sack allows for fast setup and break down and stays on the suspension so it doesn't get lost.

Sometimes there's too many options! The Basic Camping Hammock makes it simple, just choose your color and whether you want tie out points sewn to the hammock (4 will be added if you choose the option at no additional charge). That's it! Like all of our hammocks they are made to order so be sure to check the Lead Times page.

Size: 132 x 58 inches

Weight: ~ 25oz

Fabric: 1.9oz Ripstop Nylon

Suspension: Included - Cinch Buckles with two 12' tree straps

Weight Rating: 350lbs


Tarp Specs

Our Seamless Asym Tarp! Made from a single piece of 1.1oz SilPoly so there is no seam, which means no seam seal! It can be set up as a rectangle tarp or an asymmetrical tarp regardless of whether you lay to the left or right. Available in 3 cordage options and 2 sizes. This rain tarp is perfect for lighter packs, light rain and shade from the summer sun

    • Standard Cord -  includes separate 25' ridgeline, shock mounts for connecting to ridgeline and 4 pcs of tie out cordage.

Please take note: In asym layout (corner to corner) the length will be longer as follows:

  • The 11' tarp is approximately 12'6" corner to corner.

Size:  11'x6'

Layout: Rectangle or Asym (corner to corner)

Tie Out Points: 8 - D-Rings (4 Corners, 4 Center Edges)

Weight: Approx 15oz with cordage

Quilt Specs

We use synthetic ClimaShield Apex© insulation with it's great cost/warmth ratio, a simple snap-close foot box for the top quilt and high quality 1.9oz Ripstop Nylon to create high quality quilts at a very reasonable price.

    • - 50F made with 2.5oz ClimaShield Apex.
    • - Approximately 70" long and 55" Wide when open
    • - Shell and liner made from 1.9oz Ripstop Nylon
    • - Simple snap-close foot box.
    • - Designed to be simple, but rugged.
    • - Made in the U.S.A.

Temp Rating: 2.5oz 50F

Dimensions: 70"x55" approx. opened 

Weight: ~ 20oz each

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