The Imported Hammock & Tarp Set or "What's it Mean? Drop Shipped"

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I'm sure you've seen plenty online about drop shipping... but what does it mean exactly. And, why am I writing about it here?

When something is drop shipped, it basically means it is sent directly to the customer from another location like a fulfillment warehouse or direct from the manufacturer. It eliminates the need to keep mass quantities of stock on-hand.

I recently added the Imported Hammock & Tarp Set - it's something new I figured I would try. For the past 5 years I've hand made every hammock, tarp, quilt, pouch, suspension, pillow and DragonSnare that has gone out the door. But I know that there are still a lot of people who either don't want to spend the kind of money that handcrafting demands or don't necessarily want to wait the time it takes to complete those orders.


Over the past month or so I started making these memes about how similar the "knock-off" hammocks are... you know the ones. While I was doing this, I started seeing a lot... and I mean  a lot of people buying these hammocks who admittedly didn't care where they were made, or that they weren't made with top notch materials. All they really cared about was the price, and I get it. I like saving money wherever I can, so really... I get it.

I'm smart enough to know that I'll likely never be the sole purveyor of hammocks. What I make isn't going to appeal to everyone, it's the whole point of freedom of choice. But I figured, maybe I can find some of these hammocks and other related gear that is total garbage, and since I kind of know what I'm talking about with this stuff I can pass that information along and give you a trusted path to obtaining these lower priced pieces of gear.

Enter the Imported Hammock & Tarp Set

For those looking to get into hammock camping on a budget, I think this one fits the bill pretty well. You get a netted hammock, a rain fly, suspension and all the related cordage you need to get your hammock up and off the ground.

  • → Netted Hammock: This hammock is made with 210T (70D) Nylon Taffeta, has a one sided zippered bug net and measures in at 9'6" long by 55" wide.
  • → Rain Fly: The included rain fly is designed to hang diagonally giving you 8' 9" of coverage, enough to cover the length of the hammock. It's made from 210T PU Coated fabric with no seams to seal.
  • → Add Ons: Additionally you get -
    • > A pair of steel carabiners (already attached to the hammock)
    • > 6 pieces of cord for rain fly and hammock tie outs
    • > 1 piece of shock cord for supporting the bug net on the inside
    • > 4 tent stakes for tying out the rain fly and hammock
    • > 1 pair of tree straps
    • > Stuff sacks for all of it   

Learn more about it here:

I figure, if someone is going to buy a hammock like this, they may as well have someone who can answer questions about it. Someone who has looked it over and knows if it's any good. I have one of them in my possession, it's the one pictured above... For the most part it's a decent starter camping hammock that will definitely get you started and with a few upgrades down the line, mainly to the suspension, it could be even better.

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