Introducing - TeamHMO.com

Over the past few months I have seen increased interest from members of the outdoor community in becoming brand ambassadors, and people wanting to join the UglyQuilt Pilot Program. Our Instagram account is slowly but steadily growing and visits and sales here at hemlockmountainoutdoors.com are growing as well.

I've been thinking about how to best build a community of outdoors enthusiasts, whether or not hammock camping is central to your outdoor experience. So, I am happy to announce the launch of TeamHMO.com

Currently, the site is a simple forums based layout but depending on how well received the idea is I hope to grow it into a more full fledged community where I can offer special products and deals to members. So, if you are a current owner of HMO gear, or curious about who HMO is all about, Stop by TeamHMO.com register for free and start up a conversation. 

I think this will be a great way for all of us to get to know each other and build a great outdoors community!



Kurt Z