Frequently Asked Questions


Orders and Fulfilment

What does "Made to order" mean?

Do you have gear in stock?

I don't see a color I like for a particular gear item... can I custom order it?

Why are Lead Times longer than usual or not given at all?

Why do some items show an "In Stock" quanity?

My order got cancelled? Why??


CoyotePack Series

How long is the CoyotePack hammock?

What is the weight limit of the CoyotePack hammock?

Why is the Cinch Buckle Suspension the same cost as just carabiners?

Why do you not have more CoyotePack hammocks Ready to Ship?

WestRim Series

What is the difference between the WestRim 9 and WestRim 11

What is a 3/4 position pocket?

What does the name WestRim mean?

RedTail Series

What makes the RedTail Series different from the CoyotePack Series?

Is the Ridgeline still usable to hang gear?



What is the difference between the Canvas and UL versions?

What do "MidZip" and "EdgeZip" mean?



What is a DragonSnare?

Why are they called "dragon" snares?

PackHanger 2

What is a PackHanger 2 & whare's the PackHanger 1?

Why is do you not include a carabiner with the PackHanger 2?


Do you make your T-Shirts?

I saw one of your shirts on Amazon, was it legit?