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Orders and Fulfilment

What does "Made to order" mean?

Gear that is "Made to order" means that when you place your order, the following happens:

  • Materials including - fabric, bug netting, cordage or other components is either ordered from my suppliers or pulled from in stock inventory.
  • Once the materials have been received your gear is made, just for you.
  • When your gear is made, it get's shipped to you.

This is done due to the amount of gear, fabric and component options available, and limited storage space.

What does "Ready Made" mean?

Ready made simply means the item is already made and is ready to ship. This dramatically cuts down on lead times. Ready made gear usually ships within 1-3 business days. A couple things to keep in mind...

Ready made gear...

  • Has limited stock.
  • May be made with alternate fabrics/options (ie: A CoyotePack made with 1.9oz Ripstop instead of Hexon 1.6) that will be listed in the description.
  • Has limited options, generally sold as is.

My order showed up in an "Amazon" or other company's box... why?

I try to recycle as much as possible, that includes shipping boxes. Whenever I receive deliveries I'll keep any boxes that I can use to ship out orders. 

Do you have gear in stock?

Whenever possible, yes!

Smaller items such as DragonSnares, Face Masks, Suspensions, PackHangers and Pouches are most often in stock, or the materials are already stocked and can be made quickly, depending on order volume, same day.

to see what is currently in stock check out the Ready Made at

I don't see a color I like for a particular gear item... can I custom order it?

Short answer is, maybe.

If you want a color or fabric that you don't see listed or is noted in the product description as being phased out, Contact Us for availability.

Materials are constantly changing, and sometimes manufactures discontinue colors or fabric weights. Most times I am given generous advance notice and can put notifications on the product pages. For most materials I have several backup suppliers that have the same or similar options. In the case of a color you don't see available, I'll do what I can to find it for you.

Why are Lead Times longer than usual or not given at all?

When factoring lead times I consider the following:

  • Current order volume. Since your gear is made to order, the more orders I have the longer it can take.
  • Delivery time of materials. This can vary depending on supplier, holidays, availability or other circumstances.
  • Complexity of order. It's faster to make 2 pouches than 2 hammocks and 2 tarps.

Generally, it takes about 2-3 weeks from order date to the day I ship an order for items that I don't have the materials in stock for. If order volume is high, I will adjust that time frame accordingly.

If Lead Times are not shown on our Lead Times page, such as during the current COVID-19 situation, that means I can't accurately estimate times. During COVID many of my suppliers are running at minimum capacity, their suppliers and manufactures are just as hindered. Build times aren't any slower, but material delivery times have increase by 2-4 times what they normally are. If you need gear immediately please Contact Us and I'll see what, if anything, I can do to expedite the process.

Why do some items show an "In Stock" quanity?

Some items, like face masks show in stock quantities based on the amount of available materials I have on hand to make them. During COVID it has been difficult to find the same materials for masks twice. A lot of times once those materials are sold out they aren't restocked for extended times, if at all.

The in stock quantity indicates that enough of the material selected is in stock here and it can be fulfilled. Once I run out of the cotton fabrics for masks, we can't guarantee that I will be able to restock it. 

My order got cancelled? Why??

At Hemlock Mountain Outdoors I take your personal information seriously. I know it's not easy to spend on outdoor gear when you have to wait for it, and I appreciate every order!

With that being said, if my system indicates any issue with payment, usually credit card information not matching, I investigate it immediately. The system does automated checks to verify that all the information matches what your card provider has on record. 

  • I will contact you if I think there is a minor issue, like a typo in an address
  • If the information cannot be verified or too many red flags are raised, the order will be cancelled and your card will be refunded. The order can be resubmitted with the correct information.

Cancellation of an order is a pain, I know, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. I know all to well how hard it can be getting money back after the fact if the order wasn't placed by you. 


RedTail Series

Why don't I see ZipAround or DualZip bug net options anymore?

As of mid November 2022 all RedTail hammocks come with the new MultiMode  bug net. MultiMode bug nets combine ZipAround and DualZip options into one single setup. To see it in action watch the video:

What makes the RedTail Series different from the CoyotePack Series?

Size: RedTail Hammocks are 10 feet long and approximately 58" wide. CoyotePacks are 11'x~74"

Net: RedTail Hammocks netting unzips on both sides, but not all the way around, and designed to stow away on the ridgeline. CoyotePacks netting unzips all the way to one end at tuck up into the end cap.

Weights: RedTail Hammocks are designed to be lighter and come in a standard 300lb limit version and a 200lb limit UL version. CoyotePacks come in a 300lb standard version and a 400lb X version.

Cost: The standard RedTail was designed with price in mind, coming in at under $100 for a full netted camping hammock with an included suspension. The RedTail UL, due to the cost of the lighter materials unfortunately carries a higher price tag. 

Is the Ridgeline still usable to hang gear?


The ridgeline on RedTail Hammocks is still able to be used to hang other gear from. However, when the net it stowed up on the ridgeline you can't slide anything hanging from end to end.

Is the RedTail an asymmetrical or symmetrical lay?

The RedTail, WestRim and CoyotePack hammocks are all symmetrical lay hammocks meaning that it doesn't matter which way you position yourself in the hammock(head right/feet left or head left/feet right)you will get the same lay.


CoyotePack Series

How long is the CoyotePack hammock?

CoyotePack and CoyotePack X hammocks are 11 feet long if laid out flat. The ridgeline is approximately 110 inches (9' 2") long. CoyotePack Custom hammocks can be ordered in any reasonable length.

What is the weight limit of the CoyotePack hammock?

Weight limits are determined by the fabric used. CoyotePack Hammocks  are made with 1.6oz HyperD XL Ripstop Nylon which has a weight limit of 300 pounds. CoyotePack X Hammocks are made with 1.7oz MTN XL Hybrid Ripstop Nylon and have a weight limit of 400 pounds. If you are looking for a higher weight limit please contact us about a CoyotePack Custom and we will find the right fabrics to suite your needs.

Why is the Cinch Buckle Suspension the same cost as just carabiners?

We use Camp Nano carabiners for our hammocks, they have... in our opinion, an unmatched strength to weight ratio. They however are not cheap. Just 2 carabiners cost near the same as the materials for an entire Cinch Buckle Suspension. 

Why do you not have more CoyotePack hammocks Ready to Ship?

Hemlock Mountain Outdoors is a very small business... 1 person to be exact. CoyotePacks take the longest of any current product to make. While I would love to have a bunch in stock (although I am working towards that) I prioritize current orders over stock at hand. Keep an eye on our Ready to Ship page for in stock hammocks.

Is the CoyotePack an asymmetrical or symmetrical lay?

The CoyotePack, RedTail and WestRim hammocks are all symmetrical lay hammocks meaning that it doesn't matter which way you position yourself in the hammock (head right/feet left or head left/feet right) you will get the same lay.

WestRim Series

What is the difference between the WestRim 9 and WestRim 11

Simply, size. WestRim 9 is designed as a day hammock. 9 feet long and approximately 58' wide. Not to say you couldn't camp in one if that was the size you were looking for. The WestRim 11 is, you guessed it, 11 feet long and approximately 74" wide and is available with an optional ridgeline. Neither has an attached bug net but can be used with our cocoon style bugnet.

What is a 3/4 position pocket?

Our 3/4 position pocket on the WestRim Hammocks is placed about 3/4 of the way to one end of the hammock body. This allows for easy access to the pocket while laying in the hammock, when traditional "center positioned" may be just too far away and keeps the pocket out of the way while sitting in the hammock with your legs out one side when traditional "center positioned" pockets wind up either right between your legs or right behind your head. 

The 3/4 position pocket is not used as the stuff sack, the WestRim Hammocks use a ridgeline mounted, slotted stuff sack.

What does the name WestRim mean?

When Hemlock Mountain Outdoors launched our netless hammocks went by different names depending on length -  ThruHiker, BackPacker & BaseCamp. They were basic hammocks with no suspension and an attached stuff sack/pocket. I was contemplating either making a change to the design or just dropping them all together. While on an overnight backpacking trip to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania (Pine Creek Gorge) one of my friends I was hiking with asked about a day hammock. While hiking I started to visualize the layout of a new netless hammock which became the WestRim Series.... the trail we were hiking? The West Rim Trail, of course!

Is the WestRim an asymmetrical or symmetrical lay?

The WestRim, CoyotePack and RedTail hammocks are all symmetrical lay hammocks meaning that it doesn't matter which way you position yourself in the hammock(head right/feet left or head left/feet right)you will get the same lay.




What is the difference between the Canvas and UL versions?

Both the MidZip and  EdgeZip pouches come in both  Canvas and UL versions. The Canvas pouches are obviously made of canvas both inside and out. The UL versions are made with 1.6oz HyperD ripstop nylon, but are the same dimensions and use the same build technique as their canvas counterparts.

What do "MidZip" and "EdgeZip" mean?

The names MidZip and EdgeZip refer to the zipper placement. 

A mid placed zipper is positioned in the center of the front of the pouch, and is a more traditional layout for possibles pouches.

An edge placed zipper is positioned along the top edge of the pouch, allowing for a more "top down" view of the pouches contents.



What is a DragonSnare?

DragonSnares are simply water bottle holders. Designed to let gravity do the work, simply place the loop around the neck of a water bottle and attach the clip to your backpack, belt loop, hammock ridgeline or whatever is nearby.

Why are they called "dragon" snares?

I got the idea for these water bottle holders while out on a backpacking trip in the Catskills. A friend of mine was using a homemade tether to hold his water bottle while we were out on a side hike away from camp. When I got home I started messing with different cordage, connectors and knots until I came up with the current design. I asked him if he would mind me using this concept, he did not as he had seen other people do similar things. My friend's nickname? Dragon.

PackHanger 2

What is a PackHanger 2 & whare's the PackHanger 1?

The PackHanger 2 is the newly updated version. The original (PackHanger 1) was very similar in design, but was made of a non weight rated nylon webbing. Designed primarily as an easy way to keep your backpack off the ground by simply attaching it around a tree like a belt and using a carabiner or hook of your choosing to hang your pack on it's built in loop.

The PackHanger 2 builds on that primary design by now using the same webbing our tree straps are made from and using the same box stitching as the tree straps. This gives it enough strength to also be used as an emergency tree strap for your hammock, should one break or get lost on the trail (or in my case left at home once)

Why is do you not include a carabiner with the PackHanger 2?

Not everyone likes to use carabiners for their hammock gear. Plus the carabiners I use are great, but a bit pricey to include in an accessory. Most people have hooks or carabiners they would rather use, and usually wind up carrying spares already and just use one of those. 

Update: You can now choose to add a CAMP Nano 22 carabiner to your PackHanger order for an additional charge.


Do you make your T-Shirts/Merch?

No, not currently. Our T-Shirts and Merch are handled through a 3rd party. When you place an order that includes a T-Shirt, Mug, Sticker or other Merch item, that part of the order gets sent to our 3rd party partner. They fulfill that part of the order and ship it directly to you. You will receive that part of your order seperately.  

I saw one of your shirts on Amazon, Google Shopping, Etc... was it legit?

We no longer sell T-Shirts through Amazon only through

As of November 2018, we pulled our T-Shirts from Amazon and incorporated them into our website, fulfilled by a different vendor. I am aware that a few of our designs we offered through Amazon have been "borrowed" by other vendors. As we find them we notify them that they need to remove any merchandise including our logo.

We occasionally find those designs still being sold by other online shops and listed through services like Google Shopping. Just look to see what site any of those shirts are being sold from. Hemlock Mountain Outdoors does list in Google Shopping. In short, any shirts sold with the HMO logo that aren't available from this site are not legitimate.